Inotek Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a USA-based drug discovery firm, was founded by Drs. Andrew Salzman, Garry Southan, and Csaba Szabó of Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH) in 1996. Dr. Salzman led the Company as CEO for its first decade. Inotek pioneered the development of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors and donors, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (“PARP”) inhibitors, peroxynitrite decomposition catalysts, xanthine oxidase inhibitors, inosinergic activators, and adenosine receptor agonists. The Company was the first to introduce PARP inhibitors into humans in 2003 and provided the scientific foundation for PARP inhibitor therapy and inflammatory disease. With more than 140 employees and $150 million in grant and venture capital funding, the Company became a global leader in technologies related to redox modulation, purinergic signaling pathways, and DNA damage repair. The company licensed its PARP technology to Genentech in a $600 million deal in 2006 and successfully underwent an initial public offering on the NASDAQ (ITEK) in 2015 based on its adenosine receptor agonist glaucoma therapy.   


Radikal Therapeutics, Inc. (RTX) was established in 2010 by Dr. Andrew Salzman to promote drug discovery and development by a core group of Inotek’s leading scientists (Jagtap, Southan, Murthy). With a deep pipeline of therapeutics created in-house, and a paradigm-disruptive discovery engine, RTX has remained at the forefront of drug discovery for the past decade. RTX is developing best-in-class therapeutics in a range of clinical areas, including inflammation, ischemia-reperfusion injury, and auto-immunity. Although varied in their structural targets and directed at diverse clinical needs, our technologies share a unified concept of correcting pathophysiology by endowing agents with multi-functional capacity. This approach yields biological synergies that far outstrip the potency of traditional single-target agents. The value of this concept was appreciated at a national level, when the US government awarded $84 million in BARDA funding to emergently develop the first potential antidote to chlorine inhalational lung injury, in response to the use of chlorine bombs in the war in Syria and the threat potential for chlorine gas to be used in mass terrorism and attacks on US military personnel.


Salzman Capital Ventures, Ltd. (SCV), was founded in 2011 by Dr. Andrew Salzman to provide consulting and support services for companies seeking guidance from bench discovery through Phase II proof-of-concept clinical trials. These services included regulatory affairs, intellectual property diligence, competitive and valuation analysis, and strategic development consulting. In January 2016, in response to demand from our clients for a basket of integrated and customized drug development services, we constructed a 700 sqare meter state-of-the-art laboratory in Katzrin, Israel. SCV has evolved into a full-service pharmaceutical support company, growing to a group of fifty scientists and support staff, with advanced capabilities at every stage of drug discovery and development. As a one-stop shop for pre-clinical pharmaceutical research, SCV allows for seamless integration and technology exchange across multiple disciplines. We strive to excel in medicinal chemistry, scale-up process chemistry, cellular biology, analytical and bioanalytical method development, ADME/PK, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, as well as clinical project management, consultancy, monitoring, and more. 

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