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The scientific team at Salzman Group has worked closely together for 25 years, becoming known as a global leader in basic science, drug development, and clinical medicine.

Andrew Salzman

M.D., Chairman

Dr. Salzman is a physician, scientist, inventor, and biomedical entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in biomedical drug discovery and development. He studied psychology and English literature at Yale College ... >more


M.Sc. MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Salzman-Frenkel brings a passion for science, business, and healthcare, as well as strength of strategic thinking and the ability to lead a diverse organization.  She earned her B.Sc. in life sciences from Ben Gurion University. ... >more

Garry Southan

Ph.D., Executive Vice-President  of Research  

Dr. Southan is a nationally-renowned pharmaceutical development leader with 25 years of professional experience. As synthetic chemist by training, he has an extensive publication record and experience in nitric oxide (NO) biochemistry. ... >more

Prakash Jagtap

Ph.D., Vice-President of Chemistry 

Dr. Jagtap is a veteran medicinal chemist with 25 years of experience who has played leading roles at several biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms resulting in the advancement of his patented technologies to the clinical stage of development. ... >more

Iris Maimon

Ph.D., Director of Commercial Services

Dr. Maimon earned her doctoral degree in reproductive biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science in the laboratory of Professor Nava Dekel, where she discovered a unique mode of regulating ... >more

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