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Innovative & Cross-Functional Integration with Expertise

From Hit Development to Drug Registration

We understand drug development as a piece of art and each project is unique. We integrate the specific characteristics of your project from scientific, medical, and business perspectives in order to develop a tailored solution to achieve success. We address upfront all the critical questions to safeguard your project from the high failure rate common in drug development.


Together, The Salzman Group works as a team with our clients to develop tailor-made solutions. We build our reputation on solving technically demanding problems. Our favorite clients come to us with innovative molecules other groups have said are impossible to make. Every project at Salzman Group is led by a biologist, chemist, regulatory affairs scientist, pharmacologist, and clinician-scientist. This commando team of professionals is in continuous communication with our clients, including weekly videoconference calls. Because our in-house team is built of professionals from different fields and expertise, we believe we make more informed decisions early on in the client’s project, dodging anticipated pitfalls, and building a robust development plan.

We thoroughly review the properties of our client’s lead compounds, analogues, and relevant biological or crystallographic data, if available. We determine the necessary properties of any potential clinical candidate based upon its expected use (route and duration). Target ranges and gating criteria are set for the biological and physical properties to be measured in the screening cascade. We look carefully at potency, solubility, stability, toxicity, ADME/PK characteristics, and target tissue concentrations in a simultaneous, integrative manner.

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